Augusta Philippou 

Augusta Philippou studied textiles at Loughborough University (BA) and Nottingham Trent (MA) specialising in multi-media print and embroidery.  She has worked as a commercial print designer, and currently works on a freelance basis as an embroiderer for Alexander McQueen.  Based in the Midlands, she works as a print tutor for Leicester Print Workshop and as a visiting textiles tutor on textile university courses.  She has also facilitated textiles workshops for people living with Alzheimer’s; observing whether textiles processes and workshops can improve well-being and brain health.

Her work explores memory, using visual references like stains, imperfections and sentimental connections to develop prints.  Work also takes inspiration from the natural process of aging, examining the way a surface will alter over time; becoming bleached, weathered and worn away.  Textures, like memories, change overtime.  Ultimately, she is fascinated by the way that memory can become embedded into the fibres of materials, and her work looks at ways of visualising this.