Mindful Markmaking with Augusta Philippou

Whilst creating a printed and stitched sampler, experiment with 'mindful markmaking' techniques and explore the meditative qualities of repetition with Leicester Print Workshop artist and tutor Augusta Philippou.

Monday 23 November

available from 2pm

You will use simple print and stitch processes and explore how these techniques can be beneficial to reduce stress levels and help improve wellbeing. Materials needed (if you do not have the listed items, you can use substitutions):

Roughly 1 x A4 piece of fabric (e.g. old clothing/homeware, remnant fabric, charity shop fabric)
Paint brush
Scrap Paper or card
Fabric paint/ ink/ watered down acrylic paint (in a colour that will be visible against
your fabric)
Sewing needle
Embroidery threads

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Mindful Markmaking with Augusta Philippou

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