Yoga For Printmakers

Ever experienced 'Etchers' Wrists', 'Printmakers' Neck' or 'Screenprinters' Back'? Then this Yoga For Printmakers session is for you!

Monday 23 November

available from 12pm

Ever experienced 'Etchers' Wrists', 'Printmakers' Neck' or 'Screenprinters' Back'?Then this Yoga For Printmakers session is for you!
Join Leicester Print Workshops' Katharine Brown for some yoga to release tension from uncomfortable, overworked wrists and stiff, sore necks, to open up your shoulders and upper back. Try out some breathing exercises to help bring a sense of calm and release when things aren't working quite how you planned in the Studio.

Grab your printmaking apron, or a strap or belt, and learn some great stretches to try out in the studio next time you are waiting for your screen / ink / prints to dry!

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Yoga For Printmakers

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