George Sfougaras 

George Sfougaras is a painter and printer. His work is concerned with the way people’s lives are affected by history and how national symbols, myths and rhetoric shape identity.He is known for his reconstructed maps, narrative portraits and published suites of prints and books reclaiming aspects of history.


From 2017 to the present he has exhibited at Rugby and Leicester Museums, Manchester, Portsmouth, Malta, and Greece. He was artist in residence in Crete in March 2019 and in Germany in July-August 2019 and August 2020. In 2019 he staged his multisite exhibition Recovered Histories (Arts Council funded). He worked on a cross-community project in Jerusalem in January 2020. Leicester Museums Trust acquired his Durer inspired work in 2020.

He has held a variety of roles in Education, most recently as Head of a Special school. He is the coordinator of Focus on Identity Collective.