Karina Savage 

Karina Savage graduated from Camberwell School of Art with a BA in Three-Dimensional Design and spent many years working in education and raising a family. 8 years ago, after completing a printmaking course at The Curwen Print Study Centre, Karina took the plunge and set up a small studio in rural south Norfolk where she lives.  

Her work falls into two strands. She has a deep interest in the abstract relationships between colour, shape and line and use screen printing and relief printmaking techniques to play with the tensions and components of decoration. Her aim is to construct and de-construct a visual space through order and disorder, repetition and juxtaposition. Using geometric shapes, repetition and repeated lines with a simple colour palette, Karina tries to find a visual balance and quietness within a defined space.  

Alongside this purely abstract work, she is also fascinated by the narratives and places hidden within the East Anglian landscape and use photography and planographic processes to explore these stories. This work focuses on the play between permanence and transience; it explores liminal spaces - ones which reveal hints of events, traces of identity, markers of time – posing questions and provoking conversations.