Sarah Frances 

Sarah Frances works from collages made using photographs taken on walks around cities she's lived in or visited. The images are dissected and reassembled as a way of investigating the identity of these spaces. The collaged work is sourced from analogue photos, using both intentionally and accidentally taken pictures. Recent experiments have included photographing negatives on a lightbox with a digital camera to create a positive image and add further distorted elements, as well as creating a series of ‘Mokulito’ prints using photocopy transfers. Whether polyester plate or plywood, when it is inked as a lithograph, the final image is further softened and abstracted in the process and becomes more resonant as an invented memory. She works on several images simultaneously, finding that themes such as ‘cinema’ or ‘reflections’ evolve in this way. She has just started work on the next print series ‘kiosks’.