Serena Smith 

For Leicester Print Workshop’s first online print fair Serena has selected an affordable range of book works, stone lithographs, and etchings. In the process of developing ideas through printmaking multiple variations of images are often tried out through experimental proofing and colouring, included with this selection of artist’s proofs and editioned prints are some of these unique impressions.

The images are from collections of landscape and seascape prints that relate to the places where she has lived. Infused by the woodland behind her Leicestershire home and studio, pastoral scenes in the stone lithographs pay homage to a seemingly familiar place but one that transforms itself from day to day. Discrete views captured from an ever-changing environment these images capture the seasonal flux as singular moments held in time. And from a childhood spent on the beaches of Thanet, the etchings revisit residues of barnacle encrusted sea walls and tracks left by a receding tide. The three book works are from a number of publications, more can be seen on her website. All of the works are original prints, drawn, printed and published by herself using archival quality materials.